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Advantages of Wood to Other Materials

1. Wood is the only renewable and sustainable building material, making it the GREEN choice. Wood is 100% renewable- it can be regenerated as well as recycled. The environment is the clear winner as America continues to plant and grow new trees- healthy, growing forest remove carbon dioxide while producing fresh oxygen

2. Wood work is consumed the lower energy by comparing with work as concrete, metal, aluminum and etc. Wood work is consumed energy 350 KWH/M3, but the energy consuming of concrete around 700 KWH/M3, metal 46,000 KWH/M3 and aluminum 141,500 KWH/M3. The lower energy consuming, the lower toxicity for the environment.

3. The wood has good acoustical property that means the wood can absorb the sound better than other materials. Many churches and music halls have been used the wood to be panels of the building. In addition, some parts of music instruments as violin are made from pine wood.

4. The thermal conductivity of wood is extremely low; therefore, the high temperature from exterior of building is not easy to pass to the interior of the building. The wood having humidity around 12% (equal standard humidity in Thailand) can conduct the thermal lower than the concrete around 6 – 20 times.

5. The collapse of wooden building is harder than the concrete building. Although wood can be burned easier than concrete and metal, the wooden structure of house burned is still remain the shape. However, the concrete buildings usually use steel as the structure. The steel can be molten when burning; as a result, the building can be collapsed easily.

6. Wood is an excellent electrical insulator. This is one of the reasons utility poles are made from wood.

7. Save the cost of construction budget.
- Cost of building materials
- Labor cost because using wood for construction can be decrease the time of using concrete
- Cost of equipment because wood work require only the ordinary equipment
- Decrease the risk of financial interest for construction project because construction project by using wood is not take the long period as using concrete
- Low maintenance cost
- Energy saving because the thermal conductivity of wood is low
- Save the cost of building foundation because wood is the light weight material