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Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What is the process of building a house at BuildSabai?

Answer: There are two options which are

1) Customer already has the drawings

2) Customer does not have the drawings

In the first case, customer will consult with our architect about house’s style and functions in order to proceed with “Design Proposal” stage. After agreed on the design, our customers will sign on a “Design and Build Contract” as an official commencement of the work.  When the drawings are completed and approved, we would propose our customer with project quotation along with material list according to the house design. Also our engineer will present work phases that indicate both start and finish date. After the customer approved all the documents, the construction may begin.

In a second case, BuildSabai would propose project quotation to a customer according to the design along with work stages as in the first case.

2.  How is the process of estimation?

Answer: Regularly, general building company will estimate the cost of construction by calculating from the area of the house (sq.m.). The exact cost of construction mostly depends on materials used and details of the house. During the design process, the architect would help control the cost by designing the house in relation to the customer’s budget.

3.  Who are the architects of Buildsabai?

Answer: BuildSabai has our own “in house” architect team of “Project Architect” who is responsible for design process from concepts to onsite inspection. We also have experienced architect assistant who will help the architect during the plans drawing.

4.  Does BuildSabai provide land service?

Answer: In case the customers do not own land, we do provide service that will help coordinate with our land agency partners, which are credible. BuildSabai will assist the customer until the process of land visiting.  

5.  How does BuildSabai determine construction schedule?

Answer: The construction schedule will be determined by company’s engineer. The schedule will be divided properly in accordance with size of the building, architectural details, and structure. Factors such as large size or details on decorative architecture would lengthen the timeline of construction. In general, a single storey house would take around 4-8 months to build while 2 storey house would take around 6-10 months. The actual time of construction may depend on the factors mentioned above.    

6.  How to apply for bank loan to build a house?

Answer: In case the customer would like to apply for a bank loan, BuildSabai can help coordinate the customer with 4 banks which are; Siam Commercial Bank, Kasikorn Bank, Bangkok Bank, and UOB. First, we will help the customer to get “pre-approve” to obtain potential to get a loan of the customers. The allowance amount from the bank will be used as the information for a loan proposal. BuildSabai will provide the documents in relation to the drawings for the customers.   

7.  What is the difference building with BuildSabai?

Answer: BuildSabai is well known of high quality standard of building. We have a team of professional architects and engineers who are expert and certified. They will be supervising all the construction process. We also provide various services from giving advice, land surveying, loan management, building permit application, house number application, electrical and telephone installation. Our customers can also check progress of the construction through Facebook in every stage of work. In addition, every customer will receive structural warranty and house checking program every 3 months after completion of the building.

8.  Does insulation important to the house?

Answer: Insulation is material that helps protect heat from the house. The building that has installed insulation will reduce heat that may enter in the building. Therefore, insulation can help lessen the amount of energy used and electrical cost by preventing outside heat transfer and reserving inside coolness.

9.  What is “Prefab” and what are the pros and cons?

Answer: Prefab or prefabrication is the factory ready made parts such as columns, beams, and floors, which can be installed right away on site. The advantage is prefab has smooth texture; it needs less workmanship which also related to uncertain skill. Moreover, the structure made from prefab is strong and fast process while the price is quite high in comparison with pour in place system.

10. Does the construction during the rainy season always have problem? How?

Answer: Actually, there is no problem. The construction can still going on during the rainy season since the engineer will always adjust and prepare the schedule of the plan to be appropriate and time concern. Mostly, the engineer would manage to complete the roof during the early stages so other tasks can still be done under the roof such as wall plastering, tiling, and painting.